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How to Use Local Business Schema

Your website, social media, and any digital marketing are amazing methods to expand your businesses reach around the world and in your local community. The world’s most used search engine, Google, reports that greater than 46% of all online searches have a local intent behind them, meaning that these searchers… Read More »How to Use Local Business Schema

The Ask Method

Imagine that you enter into Walmart and are walking up and down all of the thousands of aisles because you’re not sure what you want to buy. Suddenly, a Walmart Associate (do those even exist…I’ve never been able to find one when I need one!) comes to you and asks… Read More »The Ask Method

Let’s Talk Social Media

Today, let’s talk about social media! We often notice that a lot of cannabis companies have a social media account for their business, but their posts are few and far between. That’s a start, but there’s one simple fact: your business needs a strong and active social media presence! Your… Read More »Let’s Talk Social Media


One of the hardest things about running any small business is marketing. Finding new clients and making enough money to pay the bills and keep busy is not easy! Is it just me or does it seem like most successful business owners don’t like to share their secrets?!? Personally, I… Read More »Exposure

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