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For Cannabis Educators and Health coaches, CBD Companies and Product Makers, Dispensaries, and all Hemp Pros...

Professional Websites for your Cannabis or Hemp Business!

Being a cannabis professional or starting an Online CBD business is hard work. Being a professional in the cannabis industry AND web designer, copywriter, digital marketer, and SEO expert is IMPOSSIBLE! 

Beyond the added workload, there are tremendous obstacles that come along with being online in the cannabis industry (payment processor shut downs, platform restrictions, and seemingly endless red tape for using the most popular web solutions).

We believe that it’s too much to ask for those at the front lines of ending cannabis prohibition to also be tech experts. Let us focus on your website so you can do the work that the world needs now.

Professional Websites
For Hemp Pros!
Done For You
In 72 hours!

Hi, I'm Corinne! That's me holding that beautiful stack of CBD waffles.

Like you, I’m a cannabis professional… a cannabis educator, health coach, blogger, and training program director to be exact! I’ve used the internet to help millions of people understand cannabis as a pathway to better health and I LOVE my job. But building online businesses in cannabis hasn’t been easy. 

I’ve personally experienced payment processor shut downs, web development issues (that came from building my own website incorrectly), and having to come up with endless workarounds just to do what non-cannabis businesses could do easily. 

Even if we took cannabis out of the equation, doing it all on my own was taking up most of my time as a business owner. 

There are so many moving parts to an online cannabis or hemp business, especially if you want to book appointments, send email newsletters, take payments, and still have a beautiful and high-converting website. 

If you’re here, maybe you’re feeling the same way!
  • Have you been stuck not knowing where to even start? Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress ?
  • Have you talked to professional web designers and fainted from the price?!?
  • Did you give it a go yourself and are unhappy with the results?
  • Are you lost on where to get your domain or how to set up hosting? 
  • Or where to find beautiful images?
  • Did you get your website done and still don’t have any visitors?
  • Or are you stuck in analysis paralysis and just not getting anything done?
For the past decade, I’ve watched cannabis pros struggle with all of the tools and tech required to launch and grow their businesses. 

That’s why we decided to create an affordable and easy platform that would have everything cannabis professionals need to grow their businesses online. Something that would remove the tech roadblock and allow you, the cannabis pioneers, to focus on helping your clients and serving your customers (without needing to become a web developer along the way!).

What are you waiting for? Get Started Today!

Easy As Pie

Your Website in 3 Steps

New Templates
Every Single Month
Step 1

Choose Your Favorite Template

Our professionally designed templates have everything you need to showcase your business on the web! Each template includes a Home, About, Services, Individual Service, FAQ, Testimonials, and Blog page.

Give your website the best opportunity to convert visitors into clients and help you grow your cannabis business!

Step 2

Complete The Questionnaire

1 hour of your time for an amazing website!

Take 1 hour of your time to complete our comprehensive onboarding questionnaire. We hold your hand and walk you through every page of your website, give you tips & tricks for the confusing parts, and make building your website as easy as answering a few questions!

Done For You!
Step 3

Check Out Your New Website!

Now it’s our turn! We take all of your answers from the questionnaire and build you an absolutely amazing website!

Once it’s done you can use our drag-and-drop builder to make edits and updates to your website!

What's Included

Taking your website to the Next Level

A drag-and-drop website builder and marketing suite to grow your brand to infinity and beyond!

Beautiful pre-made templates that are designed to convert visitors into clients and help you grow your business!

Send personalized and highly targeted email to your list of up to 5,000 people in just a few moments.

Allow clients to choose, book and pay for their appointments with ease. Create events for clients to book and pay for too!

Don’t worry about how to get your website on the internet. We have a super fast server ready to serve your website at lightning speed.

Our comprehensive knowledge base has 67 articles and growing, with all the instruction you need to use your website to grow your business.


The Price

/ per month
+ $199 Set-up Fee
/ per month
+ $199 Set-up Fee
/ per month
+ $399 Set-up Fee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We back every sale with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re somehow not happy with your purchase, just let us know. Set-up Fee is non-refundable.


What They say about us

"Super fast, responsive, and full of great ideas to kick my website up a notch and make it more user-friendly. I highly recommend them and their work!"
Carrie Murphy
"In my 20+ years of being an entrepreneur, Brian is by far the best web designer/developer that I've ever worked with. He truly understands the value of brand ID & was able to create a beautiful solution for me in record time."
Christine Trice
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