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The Ask Method

Imagine that you enter into Walmart and are walking up and down all of the thousands of aisles because you’re not sure what you want to buy. Suddenly, a Walmart Associate (do those even exist…I’ve never been able to find one when I need one!) comes to you and asks “How can I help you today?,” and you don’t know how to respond because you don’t even know what you are looking for. Even worse, imagine if that Walmart Associate starts offering you different items and telling you all about that item’s benefits without you even wanting the product? That would make me pretty annoyed!

That’s exactly the approach that most online businesses take when it comes to marketing their products and services. Most business websites expect that their customers found their website because they were already searching for your product or service and they know what they want. And that’s not a bad thing… your website is meant to share your products and services to people looking for it! But we can’t forget about those people that ended up on your website and are just unsure of what they want!

Now, you may be wondering how do you ask your potential customer or client what they want if they’re not even sure themselves? Well we have an answer for you! Let’s check out “The Ask Method” by Ryan Levesque!

The Ask Formula is a customer-focused method that lets you create hyper relevant offers to your potential customers to get more sales of your products and/or services. This formula can be boiled down to 3 steps:

STEP 1: Create engaging surveys to segment your audience

You begin your potential customer’s journey with a deep dive survey to get to know them better. To do that, you must build your survey in a way that makes people want to respond. Remember, this survey is for the people that DON’T know what they want, but they do know what they don’t want. So it’s best to start off with a question that will make people want to talk about their problems or needs. Then, ask more questions to segment them into different groups.

STEP 2: Make a hyper-relevant sales pitch

Now that you have segmented your potential customer into their individual group AND gained your audience’s trust, it’s time to make your sales pitch. In this page you should show that you have figured out their issue and needs and then provide the perfect solution (and give a sense of urgency) to them.

STEP 3: Make the most out of your new customers by selling them more!

Right after your new customer makes their first purchase, you know that they are in “buying mode” and willing to spend. Now is the time to present them with another relevant offer that can help solve their problem or needs.

This is also the time to re-engage the potential customers that didn’t make a purchase, by getting them to subscribe to a newsletter or providing a discount code.

Interested in using The Ask Method

If you’re ready to give The Ask Method a try, then we have the perfect tool for you. Check out our SmartQuizBuilder tool to help create your own lead generation quiz using the Ask Method!

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